14.10.2022 - online

TISH Festival: Online tour in English of the temporary exhibition, "What's Cooking? Jewish Culinary Culture"

Natalia Mętrak-Ruda, fot. M. Starowieyska

The transatlantic journey will be the main motif of our tour by Natalia Mętrak-Ruda, but apart from the historical contexts we will also discuss Woody Allen, "Sex and the City" and Meg Ryan's fake orgasm.

Pastrami sandwich, cream cheese & lox bagel, chicken soup that cures your cold – American-Jewish classics are rooted in Ashkenazi culinary culture. The path from Central Europe to the New World transformed them according to a different geographic context, which is such an essential trait of Jewish cuisine – although kosher rules and some rituals remain intact, the richness and variety of Jewish cuisine is the effect of constant movement.

Natalia Mętrak-Ruda – literary translator (English and Italian), cultural anthropologist, food writer. For many years she wrote about Polish cuisine in English for She writes a food history blog called Przeszłość od kuchni. In the fall of 2022 her book about the history of vegetarianism will be published by Wydawnictwo Poznańskie.

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