Who are the Righteous? – a workshop for seniors

kim są Sprawiedliwi, warsztaty, dla seniorów, Muzeum POLIN
Sprawiedliwa wśród Narodów Świata Danuta Gałkowa i ocalała z Zagłady Giza Alterwajn podczas spotkania po 60 latach, Warszawa 2009, fot. Polscy Sprawiedliwi / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Who saves one life saves the world entire – reads the sentence from the Talmud which is inscribed on medals granted to the Righteous Among the Nations. During the workshop, we will talk about those who extended help to Jews during WW2; we will present their life stories and photos, and will read short accounts of witnesses to history.

15 October (Monday), 11 AM, free admission, booking required