The finalists of 2023 POLIN Award have been announced

On 5 December, the POLIN Award granted by POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews to individuals, organizations or institutions actively engaged in the preservation of the memory of the history of Polish Jews will be presented for the ninth time. The competition’s jury has selected six finalists out of applications arriving from all across Poland. The name of 2023 POLIN Award laureate will be announced during a formal gala held at the Museum and broadcast via the institution’s social media. The overall sum of financial awards to be distributed among the finalists exceeds 77,000 PLN.

The competition aims to promote attitudes and actions which are in line with the Museum’s mission. The laureates of the award are individuals who preserve the memory of the history of Polish Jews and contribute to shaping a common future, mutual understanding, and respect. The POLIN Award, presented since 2015, has been awarded to 8 laureates so far, and over 50 individuals have been finalists in the competition. From the submitted nominations, the competition jury nominates, awards, and distinguishes individuals or organizations that have demonstrated significant and extraordinary actions and attitudes in recent years that have had a substantial impact on the social awareness of the history of Polish Jews and the building of Polish-Jewish relations.

"This year’s finalists of POLIN Award are individuals who tirelessly build bridges, dig, search, restore memory, and spread awareness, and their attitudes and actions restore faith in a better future. We express our immense gratitude to them for their activities, and we do hope that they will serve as an inspiration to others," says Radosław Wójcik, Head of 2023 POLIN Award competition.

The final of the competition will take place on 5 December at POLIN Museum. The event will be broadcast on the institution’s social media. During the ceremony, the winners and honourable mentions will be announced, and documentary reports from the places where the finalists of 2023 POLIN Award are active on a daily basis will premiere.

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland is the co-organiser of 2023 POLIN Award competition; the Jankilevitsch Foundation is the patron of the competition and the ceremonial Gala. The cash prizes were funded by Tomek Ulatowski, POLIN Museum Distinguished Benefactor, Jankilevitsch Foundation, Odette and Nimrod S. Ariav Foundation, Wiktor Askanas and Ewa Masny-Askanas, and an anonymous donor.

Polish Mint is the partner of 2023 POLIN Award competition.

The competition is organised within the framework of the "Jewish Cultural Heritage" project and is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Fund and the state budget.

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