The Forest Gallery is the beginning of the adventure with the core exhibition and invitation to wander around over 1000-year history od Polish Jews.

Catch a glimpse of what awaits you as you walk along the bridge from the front entrance to the main hall – just look down. You will enter the exhibition from the main hall. As you descend a grand staircase, you will discover a poetic Forest, the setting for the legend of Polin. According to the legend, Jews fleeing persecution came east. When they arrived in a forest, they heard the word Polin, which sounded like “Rest here” in Hebrew. They knew then that this was the place to settle. Polin is the Hebrew word for Poland and the inspiration for the name of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.


The project implementation and production of the core exhibition was made possible thanks to the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland. The creation of the exhibition was possible thanks to the support of donors from around the world.