Grafika z napisem Made in Polin. Podróż przemian.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich
October 9-11, 2015

Made in POLIN. Journey of Transformation

Made in POLIN celebrates the first anniversary of the opening of POLIN Museum’s core exhibition, 1000 Year History of Polish Jews. The three-day program comprises premieres of new artistic projects, meetings, discussions and workshops.

A Journey of Transformation is what the curators of the core exhibition intended POLIN Museum to be. One year from the opening of the core exhibition, we invite you to experience the museum’s transformative power accompanied by artists and creators of culture.

Unusual guides will welcome you to POLIN Museum and lead you along their own paths. Musicians and multimedia artists will hack into our core exhibition. We will ask representatives of leading European cultural institutions whether transformation can be a planned experience. A Transformation Booth of will be placed in the main lobby, and there will be a delicious POLIN feast.

The POLIN Award will be given out for the first time during this first edition of Made in POLIN. The award will be granted to a person or institution working to safeguard the memory of Polish Jews and build respect among Poles, Jews and the societies of Europe and the world.

Join us for a journey of transformation. A journey Made in POLIN.

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