Ya’akov’s town houses "rebuilt" in the museum

The official opening of the “Ya’akov’s Town Houses” exhibition took place in the museum on 26 January 2014. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with the educational organisation Fundacja Świat na Wyciągnięcie Ręki, Lauder-Morasha Kindergarten, the JCC Warsaw and Lauder e-learning School.

The opening attracted more than 300 guests, including the authors and their parents. For three months, children from Warsaw kindergartens and the JCC had been preparing mock-ups, learning about the Jewish history and culture at the same time. The results of their work are five Jewish town houses, reconstructed according to the pre-war photographs, rich in furniture and decorations. The young architects reproduced, among other things, Korczak’s orphanage. In this way they learned who Janusz Korczak was, what an orphanage is and who lived there. Children learned about King Matt and his manifesto for children’s rights.

The foundation Akademia Profil gave a concert during the opening. Also, the winners of the “Jewish Town Houses Yesterday and Today” photography contest were selected. You can admire the work of children and their parents in the gallery.

There were a lot of additional attractions, games and activities, as well as candy floss!

Take a look at the photos from the event.