Listen, collect and play - weekend with various approaches to music

Szafa grająca! Żydowskie stulecie na szelaku i winylu
Szafa grająca! Żydowskie stulecie na szelaku i winylu, fot. M. Starowieyska / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

22 April, Saturday

Record Store Day – vinyl music fair

The largest edition so far of the international festival which promotes independent record stores and the comeback of vinyl records. The visitors will be able to purchase classic records, listen to them as well as… wash them with a special flannel. The programme includes: equipment, poster and gadget fair, meetings with private collectors and representatives of record stores, as well as a DJ playing music on vinyl records.

10 AM-7 PM, free admission

Sounds from the woodwork – a workshop for children aged 4-10 and their guardians

We will find out what sounds wooden objects can produce. We will also chisel in wood with both traditional and modern tools.

11 AM - 12.30 PM; SOLD OUT

Dust & Grooves – a meeting with Elionem Pazem

Eilon Paz is a photographer and record collector. He combined his two passions in the Dusts & Grooves - Adventures in record collecting album which is dedicated to passionate collectors, just like himself.

2 PM, free admission

Cadillac Records, , dir. Darnell Martin – a film screening

A fiction film about the 1950s and 1960s Chess Records company, founded in Chicago by immigrants from Poland, brothers Leonard and Phill Chess. The film features, i.a. Adrien Brody and Beyoncé.

4 PM, free admission

23 April, Sunday

Can silence be enjoyable? – a workshop for children aged 4-10 and their guardians

What did people hear 100 years ago and what do we hear now? Can silence be a good thing? Does nature make music? Avant-garde musician Dawid Adrjańczyk will help us seek answers to these questions.

11 AM – 2 PM, tickets: PLN 30 (1 child + guardians), BUY TICKETS >>

Musical inspirations – a workshop for adults

We shall make music together with Ola Bilińska, a singer, author of lyrics and composer of music inspired by Jewish motifs.

12 noon – 2 PM, free admission, reservation required

I listen, therefore I am. The Identity of Music – a discussion

Does music itself have an identity, or is it conveyed by a composer? Or perhaps music contributes to our identity? The critics Dorota Szwarcman and Mirosław Pęczak will seek answers to these questions.

2 PM, free admission

TIKKUN, dir. Kuba Kossak – a film screening

A film about imprivisation. It tells a story of a meeting of musicians from various corners of the world which took place in Sejny.

4.30 PM, free admission