Program accompanying the Here is Muranów exhibition

Pocztówka z widokiem ul. Nalewki, przed 1914 r. fot. POLONA
Pocztówka z widokiem ul. Nalewki, przed 1914 r. fot. POLONA

A rich program addressed to the residents of Warsaw will accompany the exhibition.

Together with our guests - historians, Varsovianists, writers and architects - during numerous the lectures, debates or literary events, we will ponder over how to preserve the memory of the city. Should we protect all vestiges of the past at all cost? How did post war urban planners approach this issue? What opinions prevail today?

We will invite you to join us for city walks to be organized between April and October. They will provide us with an opportunity to get acquainted with selected locations in Muranów and to learn about the fate of their inhabitants through the prism of historical events, art, nature and food. The walks will be guided by professional city tour guides, as well as by pupils of Muranów’s schools, well-known personalities and Muranów residents.

We have also developed fascinating educational projects, including workshops for families with children and for pupils. They will allow us to discover the history, nature and archaeology of Muranów. Children will be able to take a tour of the exhibition developed especially for them, and Museum guides will offer tours for guests from abroad and for people with disabilities. 

Events that have been held regularly at POLIN Museum for several years now, such as the Neighbor’s Day (24 May) and the International Children’s Day (31 May), will be incorporated in the program accompanying the exhibition. Leśmian’s Meadow, a series of summer outdoor events organized by POLIN Museum, will also take place.


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