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One-to-one with Wilhelm Sasnal

Na obrazie widzimy kobietę i mężczyznę, na tle malowniczego pejzażu gór.
Fot. P. Grochowalski

Watch a series of talks with Wilhelm Sasnal. The artist will be questioned by Joanna Fikus, Bartosz Bartosik and Jakub Banasiak. 

One-to-one with Wilhelm Sasnal: Polish Landscape. Sasnal in conversation with Joanna Fikus. 

”Talking about the Second World War may serve as a duvet which makes us all feel good,” says Wilhelm Sasnal in conversation with Joanna Fikus, head of the Exhibitions Department at POLIN Museum. What inspired Sasnal to take up the subject of Polish-Jewish relations in his artwork? What is “off” with the pleasant landscape he sees around him, in the country where he was born, lives in, rears his children—the country which he considers a home and the landscape he is imbued with? What will Polish viewers make of the exhibition?

In the first of three talks in the series One-to-one with Wilhelm Sasnal, we meet the world-renowned artist in his studio in Kraków, shortly before the opening of the exhibition at POLIN Museum. Sasnal reveals how the exhibition made its way to the Museum and what it has to do with the history of Polish Jews in conversation with Joanna Fikus, head of POLIN Exhibitions Department.

Joanna Fikus - Cultural anthropologist associated with the Museum of the History of Polish Jews since 2005, Joanna coordinated the team working on the POLIN core exhibition. Head of the Exhibitions Department at POLIN Museum, member of the board and chair of the Grant Commission at the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, Joanna is also a member of the Founders’ Council at the JCC Warsaw. 


One-to-one with Wilhelm Sasnal: the citizen. Sasnal in conversation with Bartosz Bartosik 

What sort of a citizen Wilhelm Sasnal is? Is he afraid of the burden of Polish history? Why an artist should be a socially engaged citizen and what it means, really? Does he impute anything to us, Poles? On citizen Sasnal being torn by divided loyalties: individualism and artistic independence and being part of a community; on empathy, shame and contempt—the artist in conversation with Bartosz Bartosik, journalist, author of Citizen PL, an extended interview with Adam Bodnar. Will the two men succeed in arousing hope? What in the opinion of Wilhelm Sasnal can reconcile the two tribes of Poland?

Bartosz Bartosik - journalist, secretary of the Więź Lab think-tank, member of the editorial team of Więź and the team of the Social Dialogue Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce. Graduate of the Institute of Slavonic Studies at the University of Warsaw, Bartosz is the author of an extended interview with Adam Bodnar titled Citizen PL.


One-to-one with Wilhelm Sasnal: the artist. Sasnal in conversation with Jakub Banasiuk 


Author of the concept of „One-to-one with Wilhelm Sasnal” series: Marta Dziewulska
Video and editing: Patryk Grochwalski
Photos: Aleksandra Pachnik, Maciej Jaźwiecki
Subtitles, translation info English: Marlena Jałoszyńska, Zofia Sochańska

Free program accompanying the exhibition has been made possible by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Fund and by the state budget


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