Nominee to 2021 POLIN Award: Dariusz Popiela

Dariusz Popiela
fot. Maciek Jaźwiecki

Dariusz Popiela – athlete, canoeist who restores the memory of Jews, activist of Sądecki Shtetl, author of the People, Not Numbers project thanks to which Holocaust victims are commemorated by name at the cemeteries included in the project.

Co-organizer of anniversary events aimed to commemorate the extermination of the Jews and meetings during which people learn about the toJewish culture in Nowy Sącz. Initiator and coordinator of the construction of monuments commemorating by name the Jewish victims of the Holocaust from Krościenko on Dunajec, Grybów and Czarny Dunajec. In November, almost 2,900 victims alone were commemorated at the Jewish cemetery in Nowy Targ.