"Phantom of Peace" – Hashtag Ensemble concert

On April 19, POLIN Museum commemorated the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, during which several hundred fighters of the Jewish underground responded to the final liquidation of the ghetto by the Germans with armed resistance. About 50,000 Jews, civilians, hid for many weeks in hiding places and bunkers, where they fought for each subsequent "day, hour, minute." In the face of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which has been ongoing since 24 February, 2022, it is difficult to experience this anniversary without referring to modern times. In Ukraine today, people are fighting, dying, hiding and suffering just as it was then.

The program of the Hashtag Ensemble concert will feature four works by American composer Judd Greenstein, Ukrainian composer Victoria Poleva, Israeli composer Aviya Kopelman, and Polish composer Wojciech Błażejczyk.


  • Judd Greenstein – "Free Speech Zone"
  • Victoria Poleva – "Abbitte"
  • Aviya Kopelman – "Phantom of a Fugue"
  • Wojciech Błażejczyk – "Angels of Peace"


Hashtag Ensemble:

  • Ania Karpowicz – Flute
  • Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska – Viola
  • Kamila Wąsik-Janiak – Violin
  • Dominik Płociński – Cello
  • Mateusz Loska – Double Bass
  • Wojciech Blażejczyk – Electric guitar
  • Adam Eljasinski – Clarinet
  • Krzysztof Kozłowski – Piano
  • Paweł Janas – Accordion
  • Marta Grzywacz – Voice
  • Lilianna Krych – Conductor

Judd Greenstein "Free Speech Zone"

Free Speech Zone was written during a time of national upheaval, in the midst of an unethical war and the seemingly unbelievable reelection of a corrupt and dangerously irrational President. It is dedicated to Bill Neel, Brett Bursey, Christine Mains and her daughter, and to all those who have sacrificed to maintain the freedoms that our great country grants us, despite the efforts of those who would deny us the very rights that they claim to be protecting.

Victoria Poleva "Abbitte"

This piece by Ukrainian composer, Victoria Poleva, born in 1962 is like a face turned inward. It should be sung and performed with great reverence. The repetitive letters in the soprano part should be perceived not as stuttering, but as a gentle touch in search of the correct tone. Searching for repercussive moments with voice, searching for interactions between voice and instruments. This sounds like steady progress in total darkness.

Aviya Kopelman "Phantom of a Fugue"

"Art can be entertaining, but entertainment is not art," says Aviya Kopelman. "Post-fugue," to put it fashionably, does not shy away from simple sounds and thoroughly classical means, but it is enough to familiarize yourself with the wide spectrum of the composer's interests to properly read the sincere lyricism and appreciate the functional use of klezmer scales.

Wojciech Błażejczyk "Angels of Peace"

The theme of "Angels of Peace," by Wojciech Błażejczyk is the horror of the war in Donbas. The title refers to the medal, a traditional gift given at the Vatican to heads of state. In 2015, Vladimir Putin received it from the hands of the Pope. In this piece, Błażejczyk mockingly recites fragments of Putin's "peace" speeches into the trumpet.

"We will always be on the side of the forces of peace with those who choose the path of equal partnership, who deny war as contrary to the very essence of life and human nature."

This will lead the piece to a thrilling finale.


The concert is funded by:

Warszawa-Śródmieście district