DALET, Karta Klubu Przyjaciół Muzeum
DALET, Karta Klubu Przyjaciół Muzeum, fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Types of Membership: Dalet Open Doors

Dalet Open Doors - 100 PLN

  • Unlimited free admission to the Core Exhibition and temporary exhibitions for one person.
  • Curatorial tours of temporary exhibitions.
  • Promotion to next membership level if you renew your membership for another year.
  • Priority service at the Museum cash desk upon the presentation of a valid membership card.
  • Invitations to events organized by the Museum or by affiliated institutions (once per month).

The other types of Membership

Gimel Bet Alef
Gimel - Karta Przyjaciół Muzeum Bet - Karta Przyjaciół Muzeum Alef - Karta Przyjaciół Muzeum