Rules of the "POLIN Museum Film Call" film competition for a concept and production of a short film


  1. POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews located at the address: 6 Anielewicza Street, 00-157 Warsaw, entered in the Institutions of Culture Registry administered by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, no. RIK 89/2014 and in the National Museums Registry no. PRM/127/2017, which holds a tax number 525-234-77-28 and the National Business Registry Number 140313762 will be the competition Organizer [hereinafter referred to as: “Contracting Party”, “Organizer” or “Museum”].
    Address for correspondence: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 6 Anielewicza Street, 00-157 Warsaw, Poland.
  2. The Contracting Party’s website:
  3. All correspondence regarding the competition should be sent electronically to the address: [email protected].
  4. Person appointed to provide information related to the competition: Katarzyna Tomczak-Wysocka.
  5. Applications should be submitted via online application form only, no later than 31 August 2019, 11:59PM.
  6. The Contracting Party retains the right to postpone the deadline for submitting applications.
  7. The Participants may ask the Contracting Party questions about the competition before the end of 23 August 2019, 11:59PM. The Contracting Party will respond no later than 2 days prior to the deadline for submitting applications by posting the answers on their website
  8. The competition is organized in consonance with article 4d of the law from 29 January 2004 – Public Procurement Law (consolidated text – J. of L. from 2018, pt. 1986) [hereinafter referred to as: “PPL Law”].



  1. The competition’s goal is to produce 14 short films, approximately 2-3 minutes long (minimum time is not set, maximum time is not to exceed 5 minutes) with the aim of including them in the POLIN Museum core exhibition, the ninth gallery titled “Polish Jews across the globe” (working title). To read more on the core exhibition:
  2. The competition award provides funds for producing one film. The competition Organizer will grant a maximum of 14 awards of no more than 56,000 PLN (ca 15,000 USD) each to produce one short film. The value of each award shall depend on the submitted competition offer which should include a preliminary budget, not exceeding 56,000 PLN. Preliminary budget shall include the total cost of film production. Detailed conditions of drawing a preliminary budget are set in article III, point 2.II.d of the Rules of Film Competition.
  3. The film should explore the connection of Jewish communities in the world to the heritage of Polish Jews, with a focus on the following seven localities:
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Europe
    • Izrael
    • North America
    • Poland (the story of thosewho have returned to Poland)
    • South Africa
    • South America.
  4. The films may tell the story of an individual, family, organization, community, event, or object of special meaning.
  5. The film may draw on archival photographs, footage, and documents, home movies, animation, interviews, and other kinds of materials and techniques. The film may be documentary, experimental, or take some other form. 

  6. Filmmakers who are part of the communities whose story they are telling are encouraged to apply



  1. The competition is open to natural persons, corporate entities or organizational entities with no status of a legal person as well as the above entities acting together, as long as they meet the conditions set out in Rules of Film Competition.
  2. 2. The complete competition offer should include all of the elements listed below:
    1. Basic information (part 1 of the online application form).
    2. Film concept proposal consisting of 4 parts (part 2 of the online application form)
      1. Logline (max. 250 characters with spaces)
      2. Synopsis (max. 1,200 characters with spaces)
      3. Treatment (max. 7,000 characters with spaces)
      4. Preliminary budget for the film—such budget should contain combined introductory cost of the project (including documentation, copy rights and licenses, travels, prospective administrative costs, taxes and other public obligations, etc.), estimated cost of production (including remuneration of the film crew and authors, stage design, cost of equipment, film plan support etc.) and estimated cost of post-production (including cost of editing, sound engineering etc.).
        Budget should contain the total cost of production of a film entering the competition. The competition jury will revise the accuracy of the budget preparations, and budget adequacy to the film production and artistic premises. Final budget for the film will be submitted by the Winner no later than 5 days prior to signing the Agreement with the Museum, with the stipulation that the difference between the final budget and the preliminary budget cannot exceed 10%, nor can it exceed the sum of 56,000PLN.
    3. A link to one film of any length that was shared with the public on the Internet, in cinemas, at film festivals, on tv or through any other channel that makes it available to wide audiences (part 3 of the online application form).
    4. Declarations made by way of marking specific answers in part 4 of the online application form.
  3. Applicants may submit more than one proposal, but can win only one award for one film.
  4. Projected competition stages:
    • Submitting competition offers—no later than 31 August 2019
    • Proceedings of the jury – 1 September – 14 October 2019
    • Shortlisting of 14 Winners (from now on referred to as „Winners”) – no later than 15 October 2019
    • Signing agreements with the Laureates, payment of the value of 10% of the granted prize—no later than 15 December 2019
  5. Projected stages of work on the films, including planned finances:
    • Stage 1 – the Winners send a shooting treatment of the film based on the application, as well as the proposed film visuals (no later than 15 March 2020). The Museum proposes emendations, which the Winners must introduce within 7 working days. The Museum must review the emendations within 7 working days or if not, to accept the film script and visuals, and to pay the second installment of the fee, namely 75% of the prize granted to the Winner.
    • Stage 2 - Laureates send in films in the rough-cut version no later than 15 September 2020. The Museum proposes emendations to be introduced within 7 working days. The Museum must review the emendations within 7 working days or to accept the film no later than 15 October 2020.
    • Stage 3 - Winners send the fine cuts no later than 15 December 2020. The museum accepts the work and pays 15% of the prize, i.e. the last installment of the competition award.  
  6. The Museum may extend the time available to the Winner to introduce amendments required by the Museum after the Winner has sent an official request by electronic mail to the address: [email protected]
  7. All contact between the Organizer and the applicant is by electronic mail, as stated in the Act of 18 July 2002 on the supply of services electronically (J. of L. from 2017, item 1219).
  8. The competition offers along with all necessary attachments are submitted under pain of being declared null and void via electronic mail, as stated in the Act of 18 July 2002 on the supply of services electronically (J. of L. from 2017, item 1219).
  9. In order to submit declarations, motions, notifications or any other information electronically, the entities entering the competition are to use only the address provided in Article I point 3 of the Rules of Film Competition.
  10. In the event of receiving declarations, motions, notifications or any other information electronically, the Organizer uses exclusively the email address provided by a Participant as the contact info in matters regarding the competition.



  1. 1. Only entities who satisfy conditions of entering the competition listed below may apply:
    1. Applicants demonstrate their practical experience, i.e. prove that they have realized at least one film of any length that was shared with the public on the Internet, in cinemas, at film festivals, on TV or through any other channel that makes it available to wide audiences. By “realized films,” the Organizer understands films for which the main applicant played one of the following roles: director,  cinematographer, scriptwriter, editor, or producer;
    2. Participants will submit a complete competition offer no later than 31 August 2019, 11.59PM. The offers submitted after this time will not be accepted.



  1. Each participant of the competition submits their application offer by way of online application form available on the Organizer’s website. It is not possible to submit the offer without the online application form.
  2. Along with the competition application offer, its specific points listed in Article III of the Rules of Film Competition, participants are obliged to submit a declaration by way of filling in the online application form, having acquainted themselves and accepted the following documents:
    1. Contract Award Notice
    2. Rules of Film Competition
    3. Provisions of the Agreement Essential for the Parties
  3. Participant’s submission of the competition application offer as well as getting acquainted with and accepting the documents listed above will serve as a basis for evaluating the compliance with the competition requirements and for assessing the offers. Failure to meet one of the requirements shall result in rejecting the offer.
  4. Competition participants cover all the costs of preparing and submitting the offer and all the required documentation.
  5. All documents submitted with the application offer should be in English or in Polish. English language is preferred. 
  6. Prior to the deadline for submitting the application, an applicant may alter or withdraw the application. Information regarding alterations or withdrawal of the application must be provided on the application form and as specified in the Rules of the Film Competition.



  1. Firstly, the Organizer shall make a preliminary selection by rejecting all the offers which don’t meet the requirements to enter the competition.
  2. The Organizer will evaluate the offers in line with the terms specified in the Rules of the Film Competition and based on the criteria of evaluation described below.
  3. The criteria of evaluating the competition application offers are as follows:




    Criterion no. 1

    Content of the film consistent with the competition subject matter as specified in Part II of Rules of the Film Competition

    30 %

    Criterion no. 2

    High artistic level of the offer

    30 %

    Criterion no. 3

    Project feasibility, particularly within a budget proposed by the Participants 

    20 %

    Criterion no. 4

    Project’s extra assets


    Criterion no. 5

    Price – the overall cost of film production, accuracy of the budget preparations, and budget adequacy to the film production and artistic premises

    10 %

  4. Points granted to a project in separate criteria.
  5. The most favorable would be shortlisting maximum of 14 offers which were granted the highest number of points in all the above criteria.
  6. The jury will consist of:
    1. Chair: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
    2. Deputy chair: Joanna Fikus
    3. Secretary: Katarzyna Tomczak-Wysocka
    4. Eric Bednarski
    5. Rebecca Guber
    6. Aviva Weintraub
    7. Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz
    8. Joanna Kos Krauze.
  7. The Contracting Party shall grant awards to up to 14 Winners based on the highest total points.
  8. The Contract signed with the competition Organizer obligates the Winner to realize a film according to the script presented and within the budget proposed in the competition application. Each Winner shall sign a contract with the Contracting Party in compliance with the Relevant Provisions for the Parties entering into Contract, at a time and place indicated by the competition Organizer.
  9. The competition Organizer shall inform the Winners of the jury verdict by posting the results of the competition at:
  10. If a Winner refuses to sign a contract, the Contracting Party is free to select the applicant with the next highest total and to sign a Contract with that applicant.
  11. The competition Organizer retains the right to change the composition of the jury at any time.
  12. A member of the Jury may refuse to assess a competition offer due to the risk of violating the impartiality rule.



  1. The Contractor represents that at the time the competition application is submitted, the Contractor holds complete proprietary copyright to all documents included in the application. Personal and proprietary rights shall not be limited in any way by any third party, and their transfer to the Contracting Party shall in no way infringe upon the rights of third parties.
  2. In the event of infringement upon the rights of third parties the Contractor will be held responsible for any prospective infringement on industrial property right, copyright, personal right, and will be obliged to satisfy any claims made by such third party, thus releasing the competition Organizer from any responsibility on the part of making use of the competition offer, especially by ensuring legal representation in court or in arbitration proceedings and cover the cost of such representation.



  1. The Museum hereby declares that personal data of the Contractor to the extent including the first name, surname, place of residence, email address and telephone number will be processes by the Organizer Museum acting in the capacity of the personal data controller, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection of 10 May 2018 [hereinafter referred to as: the Act] and the regulations of the European Parliament and the Council from 27 April 2016 pertaining to the Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011 laying down the rules on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the avoidance of the directive 95/46/WE (“GDPR”) as well as other generally applicable laws to fulfil the obligations under the Contract, including to pay remuneration to the Contractor. The personal data referred to above shall be processed by the Museum for the term of the Contract and for the period of prescription of any claims under the Contract.
  2. The personal data of the Contractor are processed on the basis of Article 6 (1)(b) of the GDPR.
  3. Personal data is provided on a voluntary basis, but it is necessary in order to conclude and perform the Contract. The Contractor has the right to access their personal data and to amend, rectify and erase this data as well as restrict and object to its processing. In addition, the Contractor has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority competent for data processing.
  4. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted by phone at +48 22 4710341 or e-mail: [email protected].
  5. The following may be receive the personal data of the Contractor in connection with and in order to perform the Contract:
    1. suppliers of IT systems and IT services;
    2. entities that provide the Museum with accounting services, service quality studies, claim recovery services as well as legal and analytical services;
    3. postal operators and couriers;
    4. d) operators of electronic payment systems and banks, to the extent of payment execution;
  6. bodies authorized by law to receive your personal data.



  1. The competition Organizer retains the right at any time prior to the deadline to modify the Rules of the Film Competition, as long as these modifications do not broaden the scope of the competition or shorten the deadline. Information on any modifications shall be provided immediately on the Organizer’s website:
  2. Any modifications to Rules of the Film Competition made by the competition Organizer are binding for the competition Participants.
  3. Prior to the deadline for submitting offers, participants may alter or withdraw the offer. Information on the introduced changes or on the offer withdrawal must be provided in the form projected for submitting the offer and specified in the Rules of the Film Competition.
  4. The Contracting Party may disseminate an application, with the permission of the applicant, following the announcement of the Winners.
  5. The Contractor hereby declares that they are aware of the fact that the provisions of this Contract, and in particular its subject matter and the amount of remuneration due, constitute public information within the meaning of Article 1 (1) of the Act on Access to Public Information of 6 September 2001 (consolidated text, J. of L. 2016, item 1764), which is subject to disclosure pursuant to the provisions of the aforementioned Act.