Partial reimbursement of travel costs

Who can apply?

Participants without funding from their institutions may apply for the reimbursement of travel cost. Travel grants will be offered first to early career scholars.

Amount to be reimbursed

Museum will reimburse 70 percent of the total amount of travel cost up to the sum of:

  • 3,500 PLN for participants travelling from outside of Europe
  • 800 PLN for participants travelling from Europe and Israel
  • 250 PLN for participants travelling from other locations in Poland

Restrictions concerning means of transport and route

Journey should be realized on the route: place of residence – Warsaw – place of residence.

If a participant plans to travel from/ to a destination other than a place of residence, the explanation should be included in the comment section of the application form. In this particular case, the Museum reserves the right to refuse the reimbursement on an indicated route.

Museum will reimburse travel by the means of transport listed below:

  • plane (economy class, international flights only)
  • train (II class)
  • coaches (international and national transfers)

The Museum does not reimburse travel by car, taxi or public transport.

Required documents

In order to receive reimbursement a participant must provide the following documents:

  • invoice for the tickets issued to a private individual


  • e-ticket or paper ticket

Please note that e-reservation is not equivalent to an e-ticket.

How to apply?

Conference participants who would like to receive travel grants are requested to fill in the form below.

Deadline for the application is March 31, 2021.

Application form

Personal data of the applicant