Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign 2023: program of commemorative events

Na wypolerowanej kamiennej, ciemnej płycie leży wiązanka żonkili. W tle widać zarys pomnika Bohaterów Getta w Warszawie i budynek Muzeum POLIN
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

We dedicate the campaign organised on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising to the civilians in particular. We want to recall the memory of their silent resistance which was just as important as armed combat.

Program of commemorative events 16-20 April 2023:

Zuzanna Hertzberg’s artivistic performance: Heroism of life itself. The other side of the Monument

  • 16 April (Sunday), 12 noon
  • The other side of the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes – the side facing Zamenhofa Street
  • March to the Monument, 11.40 AM, meeting place: terrace over the Muranów Cinema, 5 Andersa Street
  • The Cracow Revolutionary Choir and Paweł Szamburski will perform during the event
  • Free admission

For the first time in history, we will unveil the other side of the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes. Thus far, it has never been officially unveiled, it remains far less known and less exposed to view. It features Rapoport’s bas-relief titled "The Last March" which shows the People of Israel on their last journey—journey towards imminent death. By unveiling the bas-relief, we want to promote a new way of looking at history, until now focused on armed combat, and to stress the importance of the perseverance and resistance of the civilian population, the heroism of simply staying alive.

The Last of the Kuczers. A meeting with Krystyna Budnicka

Krystyna Budnicka was 11 years old at the time of the Uprising. Back then her name was Hena Kuczer. Today, she is one of the last living survivors from the Warsaw ghetto. During the meeting, she will talk about her experiences as a civilian in hiding in the ghetto during the Uprising. Professor Barbara Engelking will chair the meeting.

Opening of "Around Us a Sea of Fire" temporary exhibition

  • 18 April (Tuesday), 10 AM

Ceremony of naming the square at 10 Anielewicza St The Kuczer Family Square

  • 18 April (Tuesday), 10 AM
  • Open event

The entire family of Hena Kuczer—seven siblings and parents—perished during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising or soon after its end. Hena, today Krystyna Budnicka, was the only one to survive. Thanks to her, the memory of the Kuczers is still alive. In a symbolic way, they represent the Jewish civilian population murdered by the Nazis.

Naming the square at 10 Anielewicza Street after them is paying tribute not only to the family, but to all Jewish residents of Warsaw.

"Remembering Together." Concert of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Tel Aviv

  • 18 April (Tuesday), 7 PM
  • Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Tel Aviv

A special symphony concert will take place in Tel Aviv, at the seat of the Bronisław Huberman Israel Philharmonic. The Orchestra will be conducted by Łukasz Borowicz, a distinguished Polish conductor and promoter of the music by Jewish composers. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra will perform "The Overture" from the opera "Paradise Lost" by Krzysztof Penderecki, "Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra" by Mieczysław Wajnberg, and "Symphony No. 7" by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The concert has been made possible thanks to the support of the Azrieli Foundation, the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland and the Capital City of Warsaw. Concert partners are the Embassy of Poland in Tel Aviv, the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv, and ELNET.

19 April (Wednesday)

Please note: Due to the official state ceremonies to mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, on 19 April POLIN Museum will be closed until 4 PM.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign in schools, libraries and institutions of culture

  • 19 April (Wednesday), 8 AM
  • At website and POLIN Museum YouTube channel

Premiere of the animated film titled "Shielding the Flame" based on the classic reportage and one of the most gruelling stories from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in April 1943, and about Polish Jews in the 20th-century literature.

Premieres of illustrated short stories and audio plays for children and youth:

  • "Było – nie ma – jest" by Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo will be read by actress Magdalena Cielecka
  • "Dwóch takich, jak nas trzech" by Katarzyna Ryrych will be read by Aleksandra Żebrowska

The animated feature film and the short stories complement the scripts for lessons and worksheets to be used during both online classes and on-site meetings at a given institution.

Underground Life. Stories of the "rubblers" from the Warsaw ghetto

  • 19 April (Wednesday), 10:30 AM
  • Premiere of the film on POLIN Museum YouTube channel

Deeply moving stories of four so-called ‘rubblers’ will be presented by Prof. Barbara Engelking, author of the concept of "Around Us a Sea of Fire" exhibition.

About "Shielding the Flame." A meeting with Hanna Krall and Mariusz Szczygieł

  • 19 April (Wednesday) 6 PM, SOLD OUT
  • POLIN Museum auditorium
  • Meeting translated into Polish sign language
  • Live streaming on Facebook

One of the best-known Polish reportages titled "Shielding the Flame" will serve as a point of departure for the conversation between Hanna Krall and Mariusz Szczygieł. Excerpts from the book will be read by actress Magdalena Cielecka.

20 April (Thursday)

"Remembering Together." Hania Rani and Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra in concert

  • 20 April (Thursday), 7 PM, SOLD OUT
  • POLIN Museum auditorium

Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra under the baton of Anna Duczmal-Mróz will perform a premiere of the piano concerto titled For Josima with Hania Rani as a soloist. The piece composed by the pianist has been inspired by the music written and performed in the Warsaw ghetto by teenage pianist and composer Josima Feldschuh. Aside from Hania Rani’s piece, we will listen to Concertino for Piano and Orchestra composed by Władysław Szpilman in the ghetto, Poema for violin and orchestra by Szymon Laks, and Lullaby by Andrzej Panufnik.


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In 2023, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign is organised within the program "Thou Shalt Not Be Indifferent." 80th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Co-organizers of the concerts in Warsaw and in Tel-Aviv are: Warsaw Ghetto Museum, Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland and Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute.

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