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Jewish Cuisine at POLIN Museum - Cook with Malka Kafka

Na zdjęciu kobieta w białym kitlu kucharskim (Malka Kafka), trzyma w ręku mała kulkę
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

In the series, "Jewish cuisine at POLIN Museum," Malka Kafka - a restaurateur and promoter of good living, owner of the Tel Aviv Urban Food restaurant chain - will welcome you in her home, and of course in her kitchen!

In this particular series, Malka will show us how to prepare Ashkenazi delicacies

  1. Episode 1: Jewish kugel >>
  2. Episode 2: Latkes, Jewish potato pancakes >>
  3. żEpisode 3: Goldene yoykh—Jewish golden broth >>
  4. Episode 4: Chulent from young vegetables) >>
  5. Episode 5: Tzimmes >>
  6. Episode 6: Challah and rolls with sweet filling >>
  7. Episode 7: Veggie-style caviar >>
  8. Episode 8: Hamantashn according to Esther's recipe >>
  9. Episode 9: Holishkes (stuffed cabbage) >>
  10. Episode 10: Forest mushroom stew >>

Malka Kafka

Restaurateur and promoter of good living. Malka is fascinated by the social context of food - cooking together, eating meals at one table, and sharing food. She pays great attention to the aspect of responsibility for the world - "what I eat, where the products come from, how to produce food in accordance with the principles of sustainable economy."

She runs a chain of Tel Aviv Urban Food restaurants. She was the host of the "Koszer Macher" cooking program at Kuchnia +. In 2018, she published her new book titled GOD FOOD - Divine Cuisine. Often invited as a culinary expert on TV programs, Malka hosts culinary shows both in Poland and abroad.

Click on the link to view her restaurant in Warsaw, Poland >>,,