Conversations at the Exhibition

fot. Magda Starowieyska/Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Join us for a seminar cycle connected to the exhibition “Biographies of Things. Gifts in the Collection of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews”.

  • Of Things and People
    The starting point for the discussion will be new fields of study in the humanities and social sciences which explore the role of objects in the lives of individuals and in society. References will be made to the idea of “biographies of things” and the way it is developed in the exhibition.

    18 October 2013 (Friday), 6.30 pm
  • Of the Material Nature of the Holocaust
    The effort to commemorate the Holocaust has been called a “borderline example of collecting” (Bożena Shalcross). The Shoah has left a deep imprint on everyday objects – all that remains of the victims: kitchen utensils, clothes. The relationship between man and object has a special dimension in speaking about the Holocaust; it reveals a singular connection between people and everyday things, which often, in critical moments, turn out to be the most important bearers of memory and identity.  

    13 November 2013 (Wednesday), 6.30 pm
  • Of Giving
    We are interested in the wider socio-cultural underpinnings of the gesture of giving as well as ways in which the category of “gifts” in museum collections can be understood in the context of the “ontology of the object” – changing the status of objects, moving them from the sphere of the quotidian to that of the museum inventory.

    8 January 2014 (Wednesday), 6.30 pm

Free admission, reservations required: +48 22 47 10 301 or by e-mail: reservations@jewishmuseum.org.pl

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