Echo of the heart – concert

Echo serca, koncert
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

We would like to invite you to an amazing event on the border between a concert and a therapeutic session. We will reach to the roots of music - to the human body: the sounds of our heart and pulse - and the frequencies that affect our emotions.

  • 14 January (Sunday), 7 PM

Renowned Polish musicians - Miłosz Pękala, laureate of the “Polityka” Passport award (Kwadrofonik), Bartosz Weber (Mitch & Mitch, Baaba), Wiktor Podgórski (visualizations) and guest apearance, the pianist Leszek Możdżer - will take the listeners on a sound journey into their own bodies. The concert/session will be a journey through various states of emotions and awareness, inspired by contemporary music, minimalism, but also Eastern music, culture and medicine.  It will be a unique and unforgettable experience, both from the artistic and physical perspective.

In Chinese and Indian medicine, sound waves are used for treatment, with frequencies adjusted to individual parts of the human body, or specific colour combinations are used affecting the psychophysical state of the body. The artists have implemented this knowledge into contemporary electroacoustic music. Using analogue generators, they stimulate the audience like during a therapeutic session. Playing on exotic percussion instruments, they create an ethereal, relaxing aura. The rhythmic layer, built on the basis of records of electrocardiographic tests, fills the entire space with a natural pulse. This is surrounded with a multi-surface visualization, which enables us to see the stimulating sounds in the form of waves and immerse in a multi-coloured, soothing space.

Pękala/Weber/Podgórski are a group of artists operating in the art environment described as contemporary or alternative art. Miłosz Pękala (percussion instruments, electronic devices) is known for his colour sensitivity combined with performance versatility. Bartosz Weber (electronic instruments) combines his aesthetic taste with an innovative creative workshop. Wiktor Podgórski (video) directs the expression of modern visual media towards an emotional focus. Together, they have created a scientific and artistic project combining knowledge about the impact of a broadly understood set of sounds on the human body with their own vision of therapeutic music.

They invited the pianist and composer, Leszek Możdżer, to participate in the concert. Możdżer has been studying the musical aspects of trance - present in virtually all cultures and religions of the world - for many years. He will install two pianos at the POLIN Museum especially for this concert. 

The performers:

  • Miłosz Pękala – elektronic instruments
  • Bartosz Weber – elektronic instruments
  • Wiktor Podgórski – visualisations
  • Guest appearance: Leszek Możdżer - piano

The concert is an event accompanying the exhibition Blood. Uniting & Dividing.






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