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Hanukkah workshops and attractions for families with children

We invite children and their guardians to celebrate Hanukkah and have some fun together. Many exciting attractions await you at our Museum. During the workshops, you will be able to make your own decoupage candles and clay Hanukkah menorot. You will also have an opportunity to taste freshly baked doughnuts and play the game of dreidel. Other attractions include the chance to experiment with light, listen to traditional Hanukkah tales and take part in an interactive family concert of the Alla Pollacca choir.

  • 18 December (Sunday), 3PM-6PM


3 PM - 5:30 PM

  • By candlelight
    Arts workshop during which we will make decorative candles using the decoupage technique.
    venue: the foyer in front of the screening rooms

  • Hanukkah tales
    A Kamishibai theatre performance featuring a number of Hanukkah tales, based on the children’s book from the Curious George series by Margaret and Hans Augusto Rey. Event organised in cooperation with the MODO publishing house.
    venue: the Family Education Centre / the parliament

  • The dreidel tournament
    Join us to play the game of dreidel – one of the traditional Hanukkah games – and win some treats!
    venue: the Family Education Centre / the labyrinth

  • Delights for the palate
    Delicious treats for all of our young guests who get tired of playing - platters filled with freshly baked homemade doughnuts!
    venue: the Family Education Centre / the labyrinth

  • Hanukkah menorot made of clay
    A pottery workshop during which we shall be making clay Hanukkah menorot – traditional candlesticks that no Hanukkah festivities may do without.
    venue: the hallway in front of the auditorium

  • Something out of nothing
    Arts workshop during which we will create imitation doughnuts – soft to the touch like real dough, decorated with delicious-looking icing and various toppings.   
    venue: the foyer in front of the screening rooms

  • Playing with light
    Illumination workshops during which, under the supervision of an artist specialising in video and installation art, we shall create paintings out of light, displayed directly on the museum walls.
    venue: the main hall

  • Physical games with the Maccabees
    Together we will attempt to enhance our fitness through various physical games and activities.
    venue: projection rooms

5:30 PM - 6 PM

  • The ALLA POLACCA interactive concert
    Interactive concert of the ALLA POLACCA children’s choir of the Grand Theatre – the National Opera in Warsaw.
    venue: the auditorium (number of seats limited to 471)

The Hanukkah festivities are organised in cooperation with the Lauder-Morasha School Complex


The Family Education Centre





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