Heaven’s Gates – Vox Varshe feat. Jacaszek in concert

Vocal Varshe, koncert, premiera płyty, Bramy Nieba, Jacaszek & Anna Śmiszek-Wesołowska
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Premiere of one of the most interesting projects commissioned by POLIN Museum and the New Jewish Music Festival. For Frank Stella, Old Poland’s synagogue architecture served as an inspiration to produce abstract paintings.

28 October (Sunday), 8 PM, NO FREE SEATS AVAILABLE

For Vox Varshe and Michał Jacaszek, it served as an inspiration to compose music. Thus the Heaven’s Gates project emerged, awarded a Grand Prix at the New Tradition Festival. The concert is part of the second edition of the festival Music of Faith, Music of Peace, organized by the Centre for the Thought of John Paul II