For Children

A multicultural family Hanukkah

Przy stole siedzą słoń, zając i król Maciuś. Słoń bawi się drejdlem (bączkiem chanukowym), dotykając go trąbą. W tle kolorowe wiszące ozdoby.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Spin, dreidl, spin! We invite you to a family Hanukkah—this year it will be celebrated in a multicultural company. During a creative workshop, we will prepare traditional Hanukkah decorations, using techniques and motifs from all corners of the globe. We will spin a dreidl and make music in various languages. During family tours of the core exhibition, we will listen to Hanukkah tales of a miracle that happened in the Antiquity. Like each year, there will be plenty of sweet doughnuts, illuminations and a photo booth!

  • 10 December (Sunday), 3PM—6PM
  • Free admission, TICKETS →
  • Quiet room is located in the conference room B on floor +1 or in the space on floor -1


Information point

  • 3PM—6PM
  • Main hall, level 0

Here you will download a map with tasks and you will be offered a sweet doughnut. After all the fun upstairs, small gifts will be waiting for you in the main hall, too.

Hanukkah photobooth

  • 3PM—6PM
  • By the information point

Let’s take a Hanukkah picture together!

Painting on transparencies workshop

  • 3PM—6PM
  • Main hall, level 0

In the Museum’s main hall, you will be greeted by colourful illuminations. You will see twinkling doughnuts and Hanukkah dreidls on the hall’s curvilinear walls. Everyone will have a chance to co-create their own colourful illumination by drawing patterns on traditional slides.

Family Hanukkah tour of the core exhibition (in English)

We will start at the main hall for our family Hanukkah tour of the Core Exhibition (in English). Our educators will tell us all about the history of the Hanukkah miracle. We will also learn about holiday customs and traditional objects.

We will invite the first 25 people to register at the information point for a selected hour to participate in the workshop.

Open creative activities at the "King Matt’s" Family Education Area

  • 3PM—6PM
  • "King Matt’s" Family Educational Area

At the creative activity points within the space of the "King Matt’s" Family Education Area, we will organize a dreidl tournament, we will take part in a Hanukkah quiz and we will make our own pins.

Multicultural workshop

  • 3PM—6PM
  • Level +1

A multicultural workshop will be run by people from different parts of the world. They will tell us how winter is celebrated in their countries and will show us techniques and designs which stem from their culture.

Ukrainian decoupage

We will decorate Hanukkah dreidls using the decoupage technique and beautiful Ukrainian motifs.

Vietnamese origami

We will swiftly make paper rays of light using coloured cards. We will also listen to a traditional Vietnamese tale about light.

Belarussian cut-outs

During the workshop, we will learn a traditional technique of Belarusian cut-outs, this time featuring Hanukkah motifs.

Colourful light with an aroma of wax – a Roma workshop

During the workshop dedicated to Roma culture, we will invite you to decorate candles with naturally dyed beeswax, which we will warm in our own hands. We will also make stained-glass winter stars from waxed tissue paper.

Multicultural Music Workshop

We will learn Hanukkah songs in different languages, among others in Polish, Hebrew and Ukrainian.

Tour of the Core Exhibition with an audio guide for families

  • All day
  • Family ticket—promotional price of 35PLN
  • Children aged 4-12 with

Hanukkah is also a good opportunity for a family tour of the core exhibition with a family audio guide. We will embark on this joint adventure guided by the voice of Wojciech Malajkat. We will rent a small device at the ticket desk and will put a headset on. Many surprises and tasks will await us along the way. We will hear stories from court chambers, artisan shops, conversations held in the streets of towns in the olden days. We will listen to tales about shared work, friendship, family, Jewish holidays and customs.

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