Rethinking the Conservation of Modern Architecture in the White City of Tel Aviv

Na zdjęciu: Plac Ziny Dizengoff w Tel Awiwie, widok z lotu ptaka
Na zdjęciu: Plac Ziny Dizengoff w Tel Awiwie, widok z lotu ptaka, fot. dzięki uprzejmości White City Center

Shira Levy Benyemini, Director of the White City Center, will talk about the challenges posed by the preservation of architectural heritage as well as by the need to develop and renew the urban layout of this unique quarter of Tel Aviv.

3 February (Monday), 6PM, free admission

Tel Aviv is a young city, as is visible in its architecture throughout the White City. Its innovative urban planning, together with global processes that accelerate its economic growth, led to planning and social challenges related to the conservation and ongoing development of the city. UNESCO’s declaration of the White City as a World Heritage Site validated the values of Tel Aviv’s architectural heritage and brought about physical conservation that took into consideration the development needs of the city’s planning establishment.

The lecture will discuss the process of establishing the White City Center, focusing on the process of urban conservation through community projects, and a residency program that suggested ways to expand it by studying how it‘s practiced by different disciplines.

Lecture in English with simultaneous Polish translation.

Shira Levy Benyemini is the Director of the White City Center at the Liebling House. She has an MA in City Planning from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is an expert on urban regeneration processes, community planning, and conservation. Levy Benyemini explores the interconnections of urban transformation, particularly involving cultural and art.


The event accompanies the exhibition "Gdynia - Tel Aviv".