TISH Festival: A Place at the Table – a culinary course online

Dwie dobrze wypieczone chałki leżą w wyplatanym koszyku, który jest wyścielony żółtymi serwetkami
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Why do religious Jews refrain from mixing milk and meat? Can a beef tongue be considered a delicacy? Why Polish mushroom is regarded as best, and is it true that smelling dill can make you faint?

  • 30 September - 4 October, premieres: 10AM and 6PM

You will find answers to these and many other questions during "A Place at the Table" culinary course. We are able to watch several episodes of it courtesy of the YIVO Institute in New York.

Roundtable: What is Ashkenazi Jewish Food
Lesson from the Expert: Jewish Food in Poland
Lesson from the Expert: What is Kashrut?
In the Kitchen: Matzo Balls and Chicken Soup
Lesson from the Expert: Jews and Vegetarianism
Lesson from the Expert: The Dairy Restaurant
Lesson from the Expert: Preserving Jewish Foodways
Lesson from the Expert: Ashkenazi Jewish Cuisine: Looking to the Future


Transcriptions of the videos in English [.txt]: