TISH Festival: screening of the film "Muranów from Soup to Nuts" by Nakarmiona Starecka (Well-fed Starecka)

fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Muranów was once the centre of Jewish life in Warsaw. Today, the district is a cultural hub which boasts many cafes, bars and restaurants serving food from all across the world.

Basia Starecka, journalist and author of a blog titled "Well-fed Starecka" will be our virtual guide through the multi-cultural culinary scene of present-day Muranów in a film produced especially for TISH Festival. Not only will you learn what and where to eat while in Muranów - you will also have a chance to listen to the stories of restaurants’ owners and chefs on how running a business in this part of Warsaw changed their perception of the city history and how they envisage Muranów’s future. You will also find out whether today’s Muranów is a trendy place, definitely worthy of a visit.