TISH Festival: Tribute to Fania Lewando. Vegetarian Sabbath dinner

TISZ Festiwal Żydowskiego Jedzenia, Muzeum POLIN, kolacja szabatowa, Fania Lewando
fot. M. Starowieyska / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

 5 meals and 5 chefs: Aleksander Baron, Alessia Di Donato, Sabina Francuz, Malka Kafka, Laurel Kratochvila.

  • 28 September (Friday), 7 PM, SOLD OUT

They will prepare meals inspired by the recipies of Fania Lewando—a prewar restaurant owner and pioneer of healthy eating. Drinks selected by Katarzyna Fedorowicz will also be available. This unique shabbat dinner organized in the POLIN Museum main hall will be interwoven with the history of Polish-Jewish cuisine and culture.


Malka Kafka presents: Amuse-bouche
  • Jewish Caviar
  • Cymes
  • Spread
Sabina Francuz presents: Starter
Cabbage with vegetables and mushrooms, sour cream, radish carpaccio, pickled red pine mushroom
Laurel Kratochvila presents: Soup
Leek soup, kreplach, Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom cracklings
Aleksander Baron presents: Main
Vegetarian sausages filled with:
  • Spiced challah with raisins, lemon zest
  • Aubergine with sauerkraut, gingerbread spices
  • Smoked carrot, prune and apple, majoram, caraway seeds
  • Beetroot, beans, poppy seeds, poppy seed oil
Alessia Di Donato presents: Desert
Apple rice kugel, passito sauce, cinnamon sable, gold

Sommelier Katarzyna Federowicz serves drinks for every dish.