When does racism start?

Dwie osoby trzymają tabliczki z napisami: "nie-blankes, non-whites", "blankes-whites".
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We invite you to a lecture by Professor Rafał Pankowski, which will be an opportunity for reflection on definitions of racism, its sources, and the examples of contemporary expressions of racist attitudes.

How does the understanding of race and racism change in time and space?  How does racism manifest itself in contemporary popular culture? What are the examples of an anti-racist messages in rock music?

During the lecture, we  will analyse various manifestations of racism in culture. References will be made to the examples of various cultural niches from Poland and abroad. Apart from that, complex relations between the phenomena of racism and globalization will be discussed.

Rafał Pankowski  is a sociologist and a political scientist, a habilitated doctor of humanities, a professor at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, a deputy editor of theNigdy Więcej (Never Again) magazine, and a coordinator of the East Europe Monitoring Centre. He is a Board Member of the network UNITED for Intercultural Action and Football Against Racism in Europe. Author of books: Neo-Fascism in Eastern Europe: An Outline of Ideology, Racism and Popular Culture and The Populist Radical Right in Poland: the Patriots.

March 26, 2015, 6:00 PM, the lecture will be interpreted into English.

series of activities is implemented under the Jewish Heritage project, the Faces of Diversity component.

The cycle of actions entitled Ours-The Stranger-The Other. The Museum vs. Stereotyping  undertaken as a part of the project Jewish Cultural Heritage, “Faces of Diversity” component.

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