King Matt’s Family Education Area

King Matt’s is a fabulously colourful and modern space in POLIN Museum where children can have fun and learn. Cooperation, empathy, tolerance, sensitivity and responsibility are the zone’s core guiding values. Children will be treated here in the spirit of Janusz Korczak’s idea of ‘small adults’.

We will introduce them to the wonderful world of Jewish culture, traditions and history. All classes will be based on a combination of learning and creative fun in a family atmosphere. They will be run by educators and artists who have the knowledge, talent and skills, and above all love working with children.

Children will be able to take part in workshops on Jewish holidays, culinary classes, meetings with interesting guests, theatre performances, film screenings and concerts. Our young guests will learn how to cooperate well and communicate – we will argue, persuade and discuss in a spirit of respect for one another and for democratic values.

Children can spend time every day at King Matt’s Family Education Area and play creatively. On weekdays, this unique place will be open to all from 15:00 to 18:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:00. Every hour a bell will sound the rhythm of the special educational classes. Make use of the educational materials available in King Matt’s Family Education Area: draw, paint, play, read books from the library and play music. The place is intended for children aged 4-9 years. It is a space where you and your child can spend time in a warm, family, creative atmosphere.

  • Weekdays (15:00-18:00) fun for free without time limits
  • Weekend (11:00-12:30) family workshops and special events 15 zł per child and 10 zł per adult
  • Weekend (12:30-18:00) drop-in workshops 10 zł per child and 5 zł per adult