Until 31.12.2023

Klaudia Kiercz-Długołęcka, And There Was Light

The work titled "And There Was Light" refers to the symbolism of light as an attribute o divinity and a source of life. It is an invitation to reflect upon the idea of sacrum and its presence in the world that surrounds us. Its form is inspired by the Menorah, one of the most important symbols in Judaism—a seven-branched candelabrum that, as a sign of G-d’s presence, burned in the Jerusalem Temple, in front of the Holy of the Holies inner sanctuary.

  • Until 31 December 2023
  • Main hall

The artist created a metal structure consisting of seven parts, corresponding to the seven branches of the biblical Menorah. The openwork triangular elements are filled with motifs of Hebrew letters which—due to the sanctity of Torah in Jewish culture—also had the power of symbols related to the act of creation. According to the Kabbalah and legends, G-d first created the letters of the alphabet and then, using them, created the earth and the heavens, separating light from darkness. It was also believed that the act of writing the Torah—"written with black fire on white fire"—is synonymous with the act of creation.