Goście w muzeum

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski visits the Museum

Having visited the Core Exhibition, currently being installed, and the temporary exhibition Warszawa, Warsze, both of which greatly impressed the guests, the Minister held a meeting with the management of the Museum and the governing bodies of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute, Mr. Piotr Wiślicki and Mr. Marian Turski.

Among others, topics of the meeting included the concept of the official opening of the Core Exhibition and the foreign guests who could honour the event with their presence.

Both parties also declared their willingness to make joint efforts to overcome harmful historical stereotypes about Poland. This concerned primarily possible steps to eliminate the erroneous phrase and notion of “Polish concentration camps” from the international public debate, which is among the Ministry’s priorities. For more information on that project click here.

The discussion also touched upon the assistance that Polish diplomacy could extend to promote the Museum internationally.