Jew, Pole, Legionary 1914-1920

Concept and academic editing: Artur Tanikowski

Editing: Tamara Łozińska

Translation: Dominika Gajewska

Graphic design: Marcin Władyka / studio headmade

Catalogue available in two language versions – Polish and English. Format 25x21.5 cm, perfect binding, 176 pages, 246 images.

The exhibition Jew, Pole, Legionary 1914-1920, marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, was planned as a reminder of a forgotten aspect of the Great War. The outbreak of war in 1914 ignited hopes of Polish independence.

Many Jews and ‘Poles of the Mosaic faith’ joined the Polish Legions, established in 1914 – proof of their solidarity and Polish patriotism. Among those who enlisted were many lawyers, doctors and artists.

The Legions’ painter and chief portraitist of the First Brigade, commanded by Józef Piłsudski himself, was the Jewish artist Leopold Gottlieb. The catalogue tells the story of these volunteers and of Polish Jewish relations during the Great War and the Polish-Soviet War of 1920. It comprises three essays:

  • Artur Tanikowski, On both sides of the broken mirror. Polish Jews and the Polish Legions in the visual culture of 1914-1920
  • Konrad Zieliński, Jews, Poles, and the Legions
  • Marcos Silber, Which Poland is desired? Jewish political attitudes toward Polish statehood during the First World War

This richly illustrated publication also comprises a comprehensive bibliography, timeline and list of objects displayed in the exhibition.