POLIN: 1000-Year History of Polish Jews. A Guide

POLIN. 1000 lat historii Żydów polskich. Przewodnik po wystawie stałej - okładka
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

POLIN. 1000-Year History of Polish Jews. A Guide is the second edition of a guide to the POLIN Museum core exhibition. Addressed to the wide audiences visiting the Museum, it aims to convey the vital message as well as main elements of the core exhibition narrative in a comprehensive and engaging way. It explains the context and meaning of the artefacts displayed and the stories told in the exposition.

The second edition features articles on the history of Muranów, the Jewish district of Warsaw, and on the POLIN Museum building (accompanied by both archival and contemporary photographs), as well as new maps of each of the core exhibition galleries.

Thanks to the attractive cover design, interesting texts and numerous illustrations, this publication is much more than a mere guide to the exhibition—it is an elegant souvenir from a visit at POLIN Museum and a compendium of knowledge on the history of Jews in Poland.

The guide is available for purchase at POLIN Museum.


Title: POLIN: 1000-Year History of Polish Jews. A Guide

Editor: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

Number of pages: 140

Publisher: POLIN. Museum of the History of Polish Jews


The first edition of this guide to POLIN Museum’s core exhibition was supported from the Norway and EEA Grants by Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway.

The second edition of the guide was supported by Roselyne Chroman Swig and the Assiciation of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.