Blood: Uniting & Dividing - catalogue

The publication accompanies the Blood: Uniting and Dividing exhibition. Nine topical essays–penned by distinguished experts in respective fields and scholarly consultants to the exhibition–develop some of the issues raised in the exposition.

The texts concern subjects such as: the symbolism of blood in the Jewish culture, blood in Christianity and Judaism, iconography used in accusations of alleged ritual murders, racial and eugenic studies in inter-war Poland, blood in folk and contemporary medicine, studies on the so-called ‘Jewish gene’, or the role of blood in the Romantic martyrological myth. The book also features reproductions of many objects displayed in the exhibition, along with the commentary. 

Blood: Uniting & Dividing - catalogue

Idea & editing: dr Małgorzata Stolarska-Fronia

Pages: 264

Graphic design: Adam Żebrowski

Publisher: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 2017