Last day of the internship for PIYE participants

In this year’s PIYE, Polish and Israeli students took part internships in different departments in the  Museum of History of Polish Jews. Shira and Maciej from the communications department joined some of the groups to see the results, yesterday being the last day of the internship.

The Virtual Shtetl group, of Guy and Mateusz, was working hard these days, after their journey to Kielce. They examined the photos of the Matzevot they took, wrote about the information they gathered and translated it to English and Polish for the Virtual Shtetl website. There are some interesting stories behind the Matzevot – for example, there was a Matzeva young woman who died on her wedding day, and another Matzeva stating that the woman “was a drunk but a humble one”. Very strange, indeed.

Franciszek and Yaara were in charge of the Urban Game. They had a few hectic days, going around Warsaw, finding relevant and interesting places for stopping points, talking to businesses for sponsorship and a lot of hours of creative thinking and preparing different aspects of the game. They worked hard all week and we are all looking forward to participate in the game.

The educational group came up with some great ideas. The Polish activity for the Isrealis was a board game, which showed the map of Poland in which participants of the game were to go around through Polish cities and gain points by being the first players to step in them, also by answering trivia questions about Poland along the way. They were working on the material and graphics. The activity about Israel for the Poles consisted 5 different stations with tasks and trivia about Israel: Important places and cities in Israel; Israeli music; Jewish and national holidays; Israeli food and Israeli technologies. That way both sides could learn about the other country in a very interesting and enjoyable way.

The team of the Righteous among the Nations had a very interesting day. They went to visit Wanda Turczyńska and they followed the footsteps of a Polish Jew by the name of Edward Drozdowicz, who helped save Jews during the war. Mrs. Turczyńska spoke about how her entire family hid Jewish people during the war - starting from one person and ending up building an underground room where they hid 25 people, including 3 families! Drozdowicz, who’s original name was Adam Guttgizer, was a Polish Jew who had a fake German ID, with which he helped find Jewish families to hide in Turcyńska’s house. Magda and Barak said she was very warm towards them, and the whole experience was very emotional.

In the communications department, we, Maciej and Shira, had a chance to see what everyone was doing. Also, we got to review all the important events of our program. We had an opportunity to see how a communications department works, to practice our writing and translating skills and how to choose the right photos for the different articles.

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