PIYE participants about the program

After a quiet weekend in Kraków, yesterday was the last day of the PIYE program. Today the Israelis will be flying back and the Poles will return to their homes. We asked them today their experiences and what their favorite parts of the program was.

Maciej (practicing in Communications department): The most fun I had in Kielce. It is a pretty little town and it was interesting working with a number of Matzevot and to take pictures.

Shira (practicing in Communications department): My favorite part was the castle in Czersk. It was a day off of everything, and all the participants of the program were there together and it was really nice. Besides, we have some really funny photos from that place.

Mateusz (practicing in Virtual Shtetl project): I especially enjoyed meeting Mr. Preiss, the Jew from Góra Kalwaria on Friday. I thought his story was really interesting and I really admire him. I also enjoyed the Friday dinner with everyone.

Guy (practicing in Virtual Shtetl project): In my private time I went to see forests and parks all around Warsaw with some of my Polish friends. Also, everywhere we went we visited churches. I enjoyed those visits very much because these are very rare views in Israel and it was a change for me.

Weronika (practicing in Educational department): I liked the evenings at the hostel, and all the quiet times around Warsaw we had to sit and talk with everyone. Our conversations were always interesting and a great chance to learn Hebrew from my Israeli friends.

Omri (practicing in Educational department): I loved the Warsaw tour prepared by our Polish friends. The old town is interesting and beautiful, and I enjoyed the fact that the tour was so easy going and not stressful because it was in our own pace.

Agata (practicing in Educational department): My favorite activity was the urban game. It was so much fun and with it we could show people what our project is about.

Maayan (practicing in Educational department): The best part of our program were definitely the people. I enjoyed most hanging out with them in the hostel and other places in Warsaw, especically the talking, playing silly games, and the guitar.

Barak (practicing in Rightous Among the Nations project): The day of the trip to Góra Kalwaria and Czersk was the most fun. It was like a school field trip and it was good to see other places outside of Warsaw with everyone.

Magda (practicing in Rightous Among the Nations project): I enjoyed breakfasts the most. It was a great opportunity to talk to everyone about things before going to work at the museum every morning.

Franek (working on urban game project): Preparing the urban game, which was my internship, was the best part of the program. Going to all those places that later became points, and talking in Hebrew especially, was really fun for me.

Yaara (working on urban game project): I loved sitting with the Poles the most, to hear their point of view about things and to learn a little bit of their language. They are really warm and interesting people and thanks to them I really felt at home in Warsaw.

Shir-Lee (Guiding internship): I had the most fun in Kraków. It is so beautiful there, especially the main market square. Also, they have the most tasty hot chocolate I ever had.

Ola (Guiding internship): In the project, I enjoyed learning and preparing the Israeli dances for the Big Bit Picnic, teaching all those people and dancing with them. My hard work was worth it because so many people had fun and I enjoyed it too.

It seems that the program was a lot of fun to all PIYE participants. New friendships were created between the Poles and the Israelis, which improved the trip for both sides very much.

Now they have only a month until they will meet again in Tel-Aviv, where new experiences wait for all of them.