Patrycja Dołowy

Na zdjęciu widać kobietę na tle zieleni roślin. Ma krótkie ciemne włosy. To Patrycja Dołowy
fot. Paweł Morga

An artist, writer and activist. She is interested in problems of difficult memory and heritage.

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She bases her projects on oral history and testimonies, interviewing tens of witnesses to history and their descendants. Listening to people, getting their stories across to others she recognizes as her mission.

She is an author of the book “I’ll be back, when you’re asleep. Conversations with Children of Holocaust” (2019), blog "Views: memory of the city/memory of the body", theatre pieces (ie.: awarded "Hideout", "Forefathers' Eve. The Brest Fortress", "Mothers", directed by Paweł Passini) and co-author of books, including “How could I possible leave them alone” (2018) about Jewish women who during the war devoted themselves to caring for orphaned or sick children.

Two-time stipendist of the Polish Ministry of Culture, stipendist of Asylum Arts and Tarbut Fellowship. A winner of the Karol Sabath Award, honorable award on Kontrapunkt International Theatre Festival for the drama "Hideout", the Warsaw Literary Premiere Award of August 2019 for “I’ll be back, when you’re asleep. Conversations with Children of Holocaust”.