New trees for the Righteous in Warsaw's Muranów district

The ninth edition of commemorations in the Warsaw Garden of the Righteous has taken place on September 26, 2023. The event included a concert for the Righteous, during which the Bester Quartet performed. The ceremony was hosted by Jerzy Kisielewski.

As always, during this year’s ceremony, the Garden of the Righteous Foundation new planted trees, and unveiled commemorative stones for this year's Righteous.

What does the title "Righteous" mean?

The definition of "Righteous" is a universal term and serves to commemorate all people who in Europe and beyond, saved human lives or defended human dignity and freedom. Specifically in totalitarian regimes, during genocides, mass murders, and crimes against humanity committed in the 20th and 21st century. This is a broader concept than the title of Righteous Among the Nations awarded by Yad Vashem. That particular title is an honorary decoration given by the State of Israel to people of non-Jewish origin who helped Jews during World War II.

The selection for the title of ‘Righteous’ is made by the Garden of the Righteous Foundation Committee from among the submitted candidates. It consists of outstanding personalities from the world of education, culture, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.
The names of those honored are announced every year on March 6 on the European Day of Remembrance of the Righteous.

2023 honorees:

Sergei Adamowicz Kowalow, Gareth Jones, and Alfreda Markowska are those who have been given the title of "Righteous" in 2023.

To read more about each individual and to learn more the ‘Righteous,’ visit Polish Righteous website.