From Shtetl to "Post-Jewish Town": Opatów through the Eyes of Mayer Kirshenblatt

Together with Toronto Holocaust Museum we are proud to present a lecture by Dr. Natalia Romik at the Leah Posluns Theatre in Toronto.

Millions of Jews in Eastern Europe once lived in towns, shtetlekh, where they created a vibrant Jewish way of life. Today, these shtetlekh are "post-Jewish" towns. Not a single Jew remains. This illustrated lecture juxtaposes the paintings of Toronto artist Mayer Kirshenblatt, who recalls his vivid childhood in Poland before the Holocaust, with the "post-Jewish" town that his birthplace, Opatów (Apt in Yiddish), has become. Join the Toronto Holocaust Museum and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews for a chance to unpack this unique history through the lens of art and architecture.

Dr. Natalia Romik is a public historian, architect, and artist. Her work focuses on Jewish memory and Holocaust commemoration in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland and Ukraine. She has collaborated as a curator and exhibition designer at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. She is a winner of the 2022 Dan David Prize, the largest prize in the field of history in the world.



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