TISH Jewish Food Festival: ON THE MOVE

Dwie osoby idą przez kolorową łąkę. Za nimi stoi osoba z rozłożonymi na boki rękami. Na horyzoncie słońce i portal w kształcie bajgla.
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ON THE MOVE is the key word of the fifth edition of TISH* Jewish Food Festival. We will follow in the footsteps of migrations and relocations, we will trace the routes taken by people who carried with them the memory of traditional food and the recipes. We will discover which dishes have disappeared and which are being revived, enriched with whatever happened to them during their wanderings across the globe. This year's programme consists of both on-site and online events, with our audiences in Poland and all around the world in mind.

  • 12-16 October 2022 (Wednesday-Sunday)

The Festival will be attended by experts on Jewish cuisine, specialising in both theory and practice, from Poland and from abroad. We will talk about food as a way of expressing who we are, what is important to us and what the dishes we remember remind us of. This year's TISH Festival will also provide an opportunity to reflect on what is local and what has recently entered our cuisine.

The past months have reminded us that relocation is not always the result of our plans—it is often forced by sudden changes and by geopolitical situation, and what we take with us includes the flavours of our family home. Over the course of TISH Jewish Food Festival, we will look at how the dishes ‘relocate’ with us, how they settle into their new surroundings and sometimes return to where they hail from.

For the five Festival days, POLIN Museum has prepared guided tours of the "What's Cooking?" temporary exhibition in various languages and with food tastings of Jewish dishes. There will also be culinary tours of the city—both the old Jewish Warsaw and the present-day one, where different languages, flavours and aromas still mix. Festival participants will be able to enjoy their breakfast together at the market, listen to stories about the Tel Aviv bazaars, set off on a journey through the flavours of Old Polish and Middle Eastern cuisine and, on Friday evening, sit at a table for a Shabbat meal.

We will also trace the herring's travelling route and find out how kefir arrived in Warsaw—and all that thanks to the events accompanying the Festival! 

We also recommend a visit at POLIN Museum's Warsze bistro which has prepared a special tasting menu on the occasion of the TISH Festival.

TISH* (Yiddish for ‘table’) – in the Jewish tradition, a joyous time spent on dining, drinking, singing and talking while seated together at a table. 

As in the previous years, TISH Jewish Food Festival takes place during the joyous holiday of Sukkot.

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