Starszy mężczyzna w koszuli i krawacie. Obok niego siedzą dwaj mężczyźni.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Tomek Ulatowski

Graduated from Maritime University in Szczecin and the University of California, Berkeley and has over 37 years of experience in banking and investment management.

In 1969 he emigrated from Poland to the United States, where he finished his studies and started working in banking sector in California. In 1996 he founded an investment company in San Francisco and since 1991 he has been investing in Poland. He believes, that the Museum can change the way people look at history.  

Together with his business partner, Ygal Ozechov, Tomek has been involved in creating the Museum of the History of Polish Jews from its beginnings. They financed an architectural competition for a building project and came up with an idea of the Polish Intercultural Youth Encounters. Tomek believes that education is fundamental. He says that he does not wish to “photoshop” history so that it is more attractive, but trusts that the Museum can offer a way of looking at the past that can help us understand it better and bridge the divide to the present.


As a Polish catholic who grew up in Poland till I was 23, the Museum represents to me an effort to bring forth the forgotten memories of Jewish people who lived in Poland for so many years and were critical part of Polish culture and history. I hope that when it opens, the Museum will start educating Poles in Poland and abroad about the relevance of Jewish people in our consciousness and life.
Tomek Ulatowski