Encounters with Modernity (1772–1914)

Nineteenth century begins with the Partitions which affected the entire society. Polish Jews became citizens of three different countries: Austria, Prussia and Russia. Their life was also altered by rapid industrialization, urban development and challenges of modern nationalisms.

Sit at the table. Imagine that you must now decide which country to live in. An interactive quiz will help you reach the decision. At the railway station, you will read stories of mass migrations, and of the role of Jews in developing a network of railways. You will also find out where the Hasidim travelled by trains.

The questions that Jews asked themselves shortly before the outbreak of World War I were: Are we a nation? Which language should we speak? Do we need our own state?

Scholarly supervision of the gallery: Prof. Marcin Wodziński (Wrocław University), Prof. Samuel D. Kassow (Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut)..


The project implementation and production of the core exhibition was made possible thanks to the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland. The creation of the exhibition was possible thanks to the support of donors from around the world.