POLIN Meeting Point
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

The concept and the history of the Program

What is the Polin Meeting Point school and why is it worth attending?

The Polin Meeting Point – Summer Education School is an intensive two-week educational programme that offers young people from Poland, Israel and Germany the possibility to meet in an international group and take part in a series of lectures, workshops and discussions.

Every year, we ask important questions connected with the common history of the countries invited to take part in the programme as we try to make the participants sensitive to diverse perspectives. While not avoiding difficult issues, we are trying to look into the future and seek ways of building understanding and dialogue.

We want to discuss the difficult history and build a common future while remembering the past.

The achievements of the last two editions of the Polin Meeting Point – Summer Education School:

  • 131students have completed the summer school;
  • over 40 lectures have been delivered by experts from Poland, Germany, Israel and Ukraine;
  • 3 meetings open to the public have been organised to sum up the projects (attended by 250 guests);
  • we have started cooperation with 6 academic partners.

The program sets a few sustainable goals:

  • initiating intercultural dialogue;
  • strengthening the participants' cultural competence;
  • counteracting prejudice;
  • taking up issues connected with the difficult history through common activities to promote the attitudes of openness and tolerance.


The implementation of the project is possible due to the support of the Nissenbaum Family Foundation and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.