Closing weekend of the "Such a Landscape" exhibition

Wilhelm Sasnal stoi przy jednej ze swoich prac na wystawie "Taki pejzaż".
fot. M. Jaźwiecki/Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

The last weekend of Wilhelm Sasnal’s exhibition titled Such a Landscape (8-10 January 2022) offers the last chance to view the exhibition which so far has been viewed by over 65,000 people.

Guided tour of the "Such a Landscape"exhibition

On the last days prior to closing the "Such a Landscape" exhibition we invite you to tour it in a distinguished company—on Saturday, 8 January, Jolanta Gumula will play the role of a guide, and the day after, on Sunday, 9 January, Joanna Fikus, head of the POLIN Exhibition Department.

In the week before the closing, there will be souvenirs and surprises waiting for our guests—details will follow soon.

Guided tour of the "Such a Landscape" exhibition

On 8, 9 and 10 January you will have a chance to take part in the walks titled "Holocaust Landscape" during which POLIN guides will talk about the art of Wilhelm Sasnal.

On 8 January, we invite people with visual impairment to come visit the exhibition. During the tour, the participants will be using special tactile graphics produced specially for the exhibition.

Open studio – Łukasz Surowiec’s installation

On Saturday, 8 January, as part of the open workshop on the exhibition hall's mezzanine level, we will create an installation touching upon the theme of landscape as a witness to the Shoah—nature taking over former camp sites, the role of nature in commemorating the Holocaust sites. For this purpose, we will use—among other things—inanimate materials brought from the site of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp: grass, leaves, soil, branches. The performance will be carried out by Łukasz Surowiec, an interdisciplinary artist, sculptor, performer and social activist. The installation will be open to the public until the closing of the exhibition.

POLIN Choir, online activities

The POLIN Choir will offer us a musical commentary to the exhibition—a special piece which will be available for listening on the Museum’s website. We encourage you to tour the exhibition wearing headphones to the accompaniment of the piece performed by the Choir conducted by the composer Dominik Strycharski. All you need to do is to download the piece to your phone. 

Are you unable to visit us on the weekend prior to the closing of Wilhelm Sasnal’s exhibition? On 9 January, you can watch the lecture titled "Images After: Use and Abuse of Abstraction in the Art of Wilhelm Sasnal". During the lecture, Kasia Redzisz from Tate Modern Liverpool will talk about Sasnal’s art in the context of abstract art and its relation towards the Holocaust in particular. Mark Godfrey, who worked as a curator at Tate Modern for many years, will moderate the lecture. 
Lecture will be delivered in English.

For our youngest visitors

On the last weekend of the exhibition, we invite our youngest visitors to pop in to our King Matt’s Family Education Area and take part in open creative activities revolving around contemporary art. On Sunday, family workshop accompanying the exhibition will be held under the title "Drawing Your Finger Across the Map".

Timeline of events preceding the exhibition closing:

8 January, Saturday

10.30AM, on site
Tour of the exhibition for people with impaired vision using special tactile graphics. Free admission, booking >>

12 noon – 1PM, on site 
"Holocaust Landscape" – touring the exhibition with Katarzyna Jankowska, licenced Warsaw guide, author of the tour’s map who is passionate about contemporary art, and the avant-garde trends in Jewish art in particular.

3PM and 4PM (2 groups), on site 
Guided tours with Jolanta Gumula
Limited number of participants

8-9-10 January, Saturday-Sunday-Monday

10AM – 8PM, on site 
Open workshop at the mezzanine level of the Such a Landscape exhibition – art installation by Łukasz Surowiec

8-9 January, Saturday-Sunday

Saturday, 11AM – 6PM; Sunday, 2PM – 6PM
King Matt’s Family Education Area
We invite families to join in open creative activities devoted to contemporary art. We will paint large-format landscapes on easels and draw comic strips. 
Free admission.

9 January, Sunday

11AM – 2PM on site 
Drawing Your Finger Across the Map – a family workshop 

12noon – 1PM, on site
"Holocaust Landscape" – touring the exhibition with Beata Meller, licenced Warsaw guide who works, i.a., for the National Museum, researcher of historic myths, art lover

3PM and 4PM (2 groups), on site
Tours guided by Joanna Fikus, head of the POLIN Exhibitions Department
Limited number of participants.

5PM online, on ZOOM
All shades of history: Holocaust Landscape – webinar 
Limited number of participants.

8PM – 9PM, online
Images After: Use and Abuse of Abstraction in the Art of Wilhelm Sasnal – lecture by Katarzyna Redzisz
Lecture delivered in English
Viewing on the POLIN Museum YouTube channel >>
Lecture moderated by: Mark Benjamin Godfrey

10 January, Monday – last day of the exhibition

6PM – 7PM, on site 
"Holocaust Landscape" – tour guided by Mariusz Jastrząb, historian and cultural expert, university lecturer, guide at POLIN Museum, author of scripts for classes devoted to the memory of the past and its role in building civic attitudes. 
Buy a ticket for 30 PLN (regular), 25 PLN (concession) >>

16 January, Sunday

11AM – 2PM, on site, King Matt’s Family Education Area
"Multi-Sensory Art Dictionary" – workshop for families with children with disabilities
Workshop run by the Wielozmysły Foundation.