Diaspora Festival Gala Koncert - "Many Voices - One Jewish Heart"

Diaspora Festival Gala Koncert - "Many Voices - One Jewish Heart" | Muzeum POLIN
Opis grafiki: po obu stronach grafiki, zachowanej w kolorach: czarny-złoty-biały, znajdują się zdjęcia muzyków, ustawione jedno nad drugim. W środku grafiki informacje tekstowe - nazwa festiwalu, orkiestry klezmerskiej i muzyków, fot. materiały promocyjne

Come and join us during the finale of the DIASPORA World Jewish Culture Festival! The Diaspora Festival Gala concert will be a celebration of a rich Jewish culture, one which countless variations occur throughout the history of humanity. During the concert our guests will discover the intersecting currents and dimensions coexisting in all traditions, where the boundaries between cultures are permeable

June 16th (Sunday), at 8PM, tickets: PLN100 (rows A-K) / PLN80 (rows L-W), BUY TICKETS >>

The concert program will consist of klezmer pieces and music by Hasidic courtiers performed by the Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater. There will also be works of Sephardic music from medieval Spain, as well as Sephardi Jewish music from around the world.  The Sepharadic music will have elements of open improvisation performed by a team of soloists composed of special guests:
  • Roby Lakatos - violin
  • Anna Wandtke - violin
  • Maria Pomianowska - fiddle, singing
  • Gerard Edery - guitar, singing
  • Jeno Lisztes - dulcimer
  • Sebastian Wypych - double bass
Artists will jointly penetrate the boundaries of different cultures, and musical styles by playing, improvising, and taking listeners on a journey of Jewish music from around the world - "Many Voices - One Jewish Heart".

The concert is the finale of the first edition of the DIASPORA World Jewish Culture Festival under the artistic direction of Sebastian Wypych and Gerard Edera.

For more information concerning this festival, please visit their website by clicking the link >>