Restauracja Warsze, Bracia Wiśniewscy | Muzeum POLIN - grafika przedstawia rycine przedwojennej warszawy - kolorystyka biało-fioletowa. Na górze grafiki, centralnie ulokowane na białym tle jest logo restauracji z napisem: WARSZE, Bracia Wiśniewscy
fot. Restauracja Warsze, Bracia Wiśniewscy

The Restaurant

We invite you to our restaurant, where you can relax after visiting our exhibition. The restaurant is located at Level 0: after you have entered the Museum, turn right, walk until the end of the glazed Gwoździec synagogue display, and then turn left.

If you want to bring in an organised group, plan a party or an event at the restaurant or make a reservation, please contact the restaurant on e-mails: lub

In August the restaurant will be closed. At the time bottled water will be offered in museum’s shop. The sandwich bar will reopen on 14th August.